Positives and Negatives

I know I haven’t been writing often. And there has been a considerable amount of time in between each blog post that I make. When I first started this blog it was to document my experiences of being an entrepreneur, female business owner, single mom, trying to own and operate a business while being a mother at the same time. It got to the point where I was feeling like all I was blogging about where the negatives in my life, my failures. However a thought came over me a few days ago when I realized that I shouldn’t look at my failures as negative aspects in my life. I need to start looking at them as the positive events that took place in order for me to know the rights and the wrongs of moving my business up levels that I have never even considered or imagined before. My failures have been my learning experiences. Teaching me how to do this right. However having so many failures back-to-back can bring a person down. You stop focusing on all the little things that are happening in the now and you’re solely focusing on Surviving the next day. Being a business owner, a female business owner at that is a hard and extremely dedicated life to be in. People are always commenting and congratulating me on my success, solely because I’m a business owner but just know this isn’t for the faint-hearted. There ends up being more failures than successes. But I started looking at the successes as being levels that I’ve moved up in life, and there’s always room to grow. I’m starting to see success as being that day where I no longer have to do hard labor work and people are working for me. Me creating jobs, contributing to my community and setting my kids up for life. That is the ultimate goal. I want to set a path for others like me, to grow and become successful without so many trials and tribulations. Hopefully someone can learn from my story someday. As some know I decided to leave my old life behind. I sold everything in my house, sold my vehicle, packed up our personal belongings, put them in storage, left my son to live with his dad (hes in jr. High now and I didn’t want to disrupt his life, a very hard sacrifice) packed a few suitcases and moved my daughter and I across country to better our futures. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Its been a few months now. A few months of teaching myself how to get out of my previous comfort zone. I have changed my life in so many ways I can’t even count. And I still have more that Im working on. However every day is starting to get a little bit easier. With the help of a very dear friend I’m becoming healthier, stronger, smarter. I am getting ready to start a new food truck business which is just the first step of something bigger. In the next week I will have The Amber Scullery up and running. A fully functional mobile kitchen. You can catch me at the local farmers markets here in the valley in Arizona. At openings for new businesses and in front of a few select bars serving a late night menu. Im excited and truly scared at the same time. Thats how I know this is going to work. Leaving my comfort zone was the best thing I could have ever done. And with that being said one of the best positives I have accomplished thus far.

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