I have expanded! My brand is now located in the Phoenix Arizona area and we are building something amazing! Still for the time being our big plans are going to be kept under wraps, however I am now expanding out to offer my catering and personal chef services in Arizona! Details for these services are located at the top of the page under “services” as well as you can contact me… Chef Amber Brown at anytime.

As many know based off my Instagram posts I can cook, and I can cook a huge variety of dishes. Most people know me for my chicken and waffles, smoked meat dishes and of course tacos… however other than just my family and mostly my kids \; they have only experienced my more home- style, “old fashioned” cooking as well as the pretty random ethnic dishes Ill dish out every now and then. I have self taught myself to cook most of the dishes I take pictures of. With the knowledge of the basic ingredients that are served per type of cuisine, to watching my grandmothers whipping it in the kitchen I have learned gained a lot of insight to the dishes I serve.

For now I look forward to working with the local Arizonians in this area and offering them my services. I can’t wait for them to learn about me! Until next time y’all… Good night!



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