As I sit here reflecting on this past year and drinking my coffee, I have come to the realization that I am finally on the path to following my main goal in life. And that is pursuing my dreams in the marijuana industry. Some say I’m too bold for this. Some say it’s a dumb move. Some are extremely happy for me yet very scared. CBD is now legal in the Midwest. Of course we were the last. I’ve been pursuing this goal for a few years now traveling to different states that are now legal to gain knowledge and background in this industry so that when it does become legal here in Kansas and or Missouri I’ll be able to jump on this bandwagon immediately. My last venture out in California quickly made me realize that this is a possibility and this is something that I can do in Kansas. This is a very profitable industry, however money isn’t the only reason why I’m getting into it. I truly feel like marijuana is the new “medicine” to helping people get off all these Pharmaceuticals that our government feels necessary to pump into us. Just a few years ago I had to stop taking antibiotics because it was wrecking my immune system.. per doctors orders I can no longer get any sort of immunizations as well.Thats saying something. I fell very ill and was in and out of the hospital with pneumonia over four times over the course of a year and a half. I was repeatedly getting sick and nothing was helping. It got so bad that I was taking nausea medicine every few hours and finally ended with getting a blood transfusion. So I went on a mission to try to heal my body naturally, as best as I could. Thc oil saved my life. Last year when Missouri didn’t go legal it basically crushed my dreams. We were all set and ready to go, however quickly had to squash that and figure something else out. So I decided to go back into the restaurant industry so that I can prove myself with one business to eventually help out the other. I’m great at cooking, I’m great at delegating and multitasking and making shit happen. We’ve been speaking to our friends at Freestate Collective the owners of the new CBD retail store here in Lawrence. And they have made me realize that this is a path I need to continue to go down and pursue. What they are doing is amazing. And I urge yall to go visit their store. Some people are very skeptical when it comes to CBD, I was as well. Just because it doesn’t have the THC Properties or get you “high” doesn’t mean it’s any less relevant. Yesterday we started offering CBD treats and CBD infused pink lemonade. I served my customers and even sat down with a few to discuss the properties that CBD holds and watch it work its magic as we conversated. It was amazing to see people’s demeanors change with in a 10 to 15 minute period. They seemed less frazzled, less stressed, anxiety reduced and overall just a state of Happiness was showing on their faces. And it was absolutely amazing to see that. This stuff really works. I’ve turned Skeptics into true Believers yesterday and this makes me realize that I am on the right path. Not to mention our sales doubled within just a few hours yesterday. If you have been following this blog you know how hard of a struggle it’s been the last few weeks to get people to come into our doors and spend money. Our food is amazing, our customer service is great, our food is fresh, homemade, fast and made with love. But that doesn’t seem to be getting people through the doors. With the help of my mentor and my new friends at the Free State Collective CBD shop I know we are going to make this happen. The Smokin Shack has a future and I can see it. Heres to somthing new.. somthing amazing.

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