The Future is Here

Last week was a little disappointing I can’t even lie. We were hoping business would pick up do the students being back in town but I quickly realized they still don’t know about us! We are having a serious problem with promoting and marketing. So with the help of my mentor and a few great friends we have reached out to the LJ World newspaper, The Kansan, put a listing and are now advertising on Yelp and Google as well as working with another company to help us create a customer database. These are all things that I am lacking in knowledge. I’m so used to being the chef, in the back of the house that this part of the business does not come easy to me. Thank God for friends and family. My dad, Kim, Nick and a few others have been spreading our Flyers all over town as well as with reaching out to a few well-known people here in Lawrence, I’m hoping that business booms starting next week. We have also let one of our secrets slip… We have added a few CBD menu options to the Shack menu. Most don’t know I actually specialize in this field. I’ve been so low-key with it over the years considering… it hasnt exactly been legal up until this year. Many were wondering why I was in California so much last year and the beginning of this year. Up until a few months ago when we first opened the restaurant I was literally in California every month creating something amazing and working on the bigger picture when it comes to my future and career. Now you can understand why my head is always in a million different places. But it’s all coming together it seems and today I can actually put a smile on my face knowing I’m about to do something that I love and I’m great at. Making amazing food and being there for the people. The marijuana industry is the future, and a bright future I can see. I’ve always been the holistic mama. The mom that would rather treat her kids rashes or fevers instead of going to the doctor. The mom that makes her own toothpaste and laundry detergent or cleaning supplies. Ps. I make an amazing degreaser. Anyways a path I have always lead but never pursued until now. Next week we are adding CBD browned butter blondies and pink lemonade to the menu offering 10mg and 25mg options sourcing our CBD from a local retail shop Freestate Collective. They are some amazing people and have some great product so go check them out at the strip mall at 19th and Haskell. Well yall.. today is the day of Football. So I’m out. Until next time…

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