Good Morning!

Good morning world. Today is the start of a new day.. new school year! My son is going into Jr. High. I might be a bit emotional today. Not to mention Im not sure if Ive slept for the past month. This restaurant owner thing isn’t easy or for the faint hearted. I feel like lately my main focus needs to be not only that but my family. It’s very hard to balance the two especially when one requires the majority of the day and the other one requires your entire day and night and existence. I tried hiring somebody yesterday so that I could have some sort of free time for my children. That didn’t work out. So luckily one of the members at the VFW has decided to step up to the plate until we can get someone else in there. PS.. Nick you’re awesome and a great man! This week is what I call the Calm before the storm. And last night proved that theory. As soon as we were getting ready to close up we had a whole slew of people walk through the door. So that means the expansion of hours will have to happen soon as the students start rolling in, and the parents start getting off of work and or football practice, basketball practice, baseball practice, gymnastics, dance… We understand the lifestyle. And we appreciate everybody who came in last night, it had been pretty dead up until a few hours before closing. I’ve been asking nearby business owners how their business does in the summer and right before school starts and I’m seeing this as a trend and trying to calm my mind. Telling myself business is about to pick up, and pick up in ways we can’t even imagine. So I’m preparing ahead of time. We have expanded our menu this week to include smoked nachos, cajun mac, berry pie and bacon burgers. So come on by and check us out. Time to chug some coffee and get this day going. Till next time.

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