Communal Business Kitchen

Most don’t know that the VFW building at 1801 Massachusetts Street is now considered a communal kitchen between several different businesses. What we have going on here is very unique and you will find nothing else like it in Lawrence. You have us the Smokin Shack Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays, one of our local Lawrence stable’s Gran Daddys, Friday and Sunday’s you have AB’s and during special VFW events you have Angie’s Indian tacos. It’s kind of amazing what we have created here in what is called the Bermuda Triangle. We are just four simple unique small businesses trying to make it and this big bad world of Corporations. I urge y’all to come support all of us, not just the Smokin Shack. We are like a family here all supporting each other to make this world turn. There is always some sort of food being churned out of the vfw kitchen… so support local! Much love LK.

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