Suicide Prevention Day

Tomorrow August 6th is our Suicide Prevention Day at the Smokin Shack. We chose August 6th because it was my brother in law’s birthday whom is the whole reason why we started our new journey in opening a restaurant. My brother committed suicide last October. It’s not something we really talk about often since the whole in our hearts is still pretty big. However this is an ongoing problem, especially with the tragedy that happened in Lawrence just a few days ago. A mother with mental illness plowed her car into the Kansas River with her two children in the backseat. Unfortunately the little Angels didn’t make it. And the mother a sufferer of mental illness will forever have this tragedy weighing at her heart. Suicide is a real problem and not speaking on the matter isn’t helping any. We have kids determining their fate because they feel like they can’t go on in this world. We have postpartum mothers who feel like they don’t have anybody to talk to. We have veterans who can’t handle their PTSD. We have friends and family fighting battles that we are not aware of. Just know that you are not alone, and there are people who care. If ever you feel like this is a path that you are going down please reach out. To us. To family or friends. Or even the suicide prevention line. Again just know you are not alone. Some good friends of ours, owners of Elite Auto Repair have pledged to donate and match our first $100 in donations. We are forever grateful. Tomorrow will not be an easy day for either Kim or I. So please excuse any sudden tears, Aaron’s death hasn’t been an easy thing to deal with especially for her. We appreciate everyone’s support with the starting of this dream and life goal to open a restaurant and start a brand. This week we will have our actual Smokin Shack parked in front of our building at 1801 Massachusetts Street Lawrence Kansas. Tomorrow look for the yellow balloons… 💛💛💛

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