Its Hard out here for a Chef

Good afternoon folks! I know you haven’t heard from me in a few days. Blogging this restaurant experience isn’t easy. Especially when the majority of the last few weeks haven’t had very many positives. However with everybody’s support and loyalty to the brand I’ve been keeping a positive mindset and sure enough things are starting to turn around. Last week was the most with hardships. We ended up having to pay $2,500 in unexpected expenses, I fractured my wrist, an old employee asked for his job back in which I politely declined and he threatened suicide. And if you know our story and know what happened to my brother-in-law who committed suicide last October you would know how hard it was for us to get through that day. I ended up calling the police, and they hunted him down and took care of it in the right manner. However that’s not something that we should really speak on today. I’m just letting you know what we’ve been going through. I finally ended up throwing my pride to the side and creating a GoFundMe me page in order to keep the smoking Shack open in a public kitchen. With all the financial hardships, we are in some serious need of help in order to stay open. I’d hate to have to close my doors before we even proved ourselves to the community. We’ve had some issues with signage, and people finding our location on Mass Street. We are in the VFW building across the street from Dillons. So I’ve decided to bring my food truck up here and park it right in front next week. As most know it’s a showstopper, and will work as the perfect sign. We’ve also expanded the menu this week to include smoked meats, new side dishes, some desserts as well as kid plates. As we continue to grow so will the menu. This Friday we will have our food truck out at the Lawrence Paper Company for their employee preciation day. As well as we will be advertising at the derby Friday night with our old delivery car. It’s got a little life left in it so we decided to sponsor Courtney Vanmeter in the Douglas County demolition derby. A female driving a derby car for a female owned and operated business. I think that’s winning for us females in this industry. We appreciate those who have already donated to the GoFundMe page and to those who continue to share it. We will have it open for the next few weeks in order to meet our goal of $5,000 to purchase a new delivery car as well as some equipment and also so that I can pay Kim. If you didn’t know Kim has been working for me for free for basically a month now in order for me to get this off of the ground. And I am in debt to her for life for that. This is an amazing thing that she is doing to help me and if you see her around make sure to give her a pat on the back for how well she’s doing. Because if it wasn’t for her this would not be happening. True story. But with that being said we are open today and tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. come in and check out our new facilities. We have a pool table, dart boards, a very nice shuffleboard, music going and outside patio seating. This really is an amazing little spot, we just have to learn how to promote ourselves better. Since I am now front of the house and Kim is in the kitchen cooking due to my broken wrist I’m starting to get the ball rolling on promoting and marketing this business. Well we wish you the best for the rest of this week folks and hope to see your beautiful faces walk through our doors! Happy Wednesday y’all.

3 thoughts on “Its Hard out here for a Chef

  1. Sorry to hear you are having a rough go at this time. You have a really nice set up there and I love the outdoor dining area! I know money is tight, but have you thought of taking a few 10% discount coupons to some neighborhood businesses or offices?


    1. Hi Robin! I love that idea, and we are in the process right now of having Flyers printed up with discounts and coupons to pass out. As well as to post all over campus. We are hoping since the students are starting to trickle back in, everything will start picking up. I appreciate your follow! And hope you have a great Wednesday.

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