Monday Morning Reflections

It’s Monday morning. Some people are afraid of that statement. I sit here reflecting on last week and this past weekend while drinking my coffee and getting the smoker rolling so that I can smoke chicken and corn for tonight’s menu. We will open for dinner tonight 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday seems to be the hardest for people. It’s the day after what seems like a very short weekend of rest, and the day that begins a new week. Monday always for me is my go-getter day. I sit here reflecting on mostly my emotions and my attitude going into the weekend. Last week was hard and the end of the week was even harder. It was like I was hit with one blow after the other. However that gives me no excuse for the attitude that I put out. I have a lot of people looking up to me and a lot of people who expect me to do great things with my life. This weekend I considered giving up. And over a very small thing like money. Sometimes we allow money to cloud our judgement and our reality. Never once have I given up because of lack of funds. It may make it harder for a moment, but this too shall pass. I am still considering starting a crowd funding page. We do need help to make this dream successful and to make it a positive influence in the community. The things I’m trying to accomplish with this dream, and with the lack of funds, I may not be able to delegate my plan the way that I want. I’m trying to take my business and go green, I’m trying to create jobs within the community, I’m trying to show entrepreneurs that they can actually make their dreams become a reality, I’m trying to prove to single mothers that this is possible, I’m trying to prove to myself that this is possible. Being a female entrepreneur, single mother and business owner is like that rare unicorn that you know exists, but you just haven’t seen yet. I plan to make this dream and myself be seen for all future endeavors. This week we will be open Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. . I’m not sure if we will open up for lunch this week, however a lunch and breakfast menu are in our near future. We tried lunch last week, with some success… however not sure it’s lucrative for us to be open this week for lunch. That could change though. I appreciate every single person who continues to follow me and support me. Trying to own and operate a successful Food business is one of the hardest things someone can do, let alone a female. For whatever reason our society has deemed chefs and business owners as male figures. Even though in our history books, you’ll most likely find a little old lady or a granny looking figure in the picture standing in the kitchen. It makes no sense but that’s the way our world turns and something that I look forward to changing. When I started the culinary program at Johnson County almost 10 years ago there was only a handful of us females in the entire program out of hundreds of students. Now look at us. I’ve kept up with some of you, executive chefs, running restaurants of your own, taking the food truck industry and making it yours. Y’all are amazing. This week will be different. I have a feeling, or just a more positive outlook I’m not sure, but I know this week will be different. Always stay positive folks regardless of your situation, putting negative vibes back into the universe isn’t helping anyone including yourself. This too shall pass. Happy Monday y’all.

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