Opening Week

This week has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing being I have true support and love in this town for my business. A curse being this is one of the hardest businesses you can get into. However it’s my passion and my love for Life. Going into the restaurant industry is literally one of the hardest things I have ever done. I can see the potential in this brand, but it’s hard to have faith in the industry with a 90% failure rate. Our opening day was amazing. And then the second day was the day of almost disasters. I woke up screaming in pain. It felt like my whole arm was on fire… I fractured it tossing fries for 10 hours straight. There was nothing I could do.. I didn’t have time to go to the hospital, I had to open up the restaurant in just a few hours so I wrapped it and went on about my day… for the day to continue to get worse. Of course the state of Kansas came in and decided my business license wasn’t valid. Due to them changing their fees this year, And not notifying anyone. So they tried to shut me down but I wasn’t having that. I immediately transferred money and ended up having to pay another $550 for a ridiculous license. In the state of Kansas every kitchen that I use even if it’s been certified I have to have a brand new license in order to operate. They not only make me pay a brand new business fee but also a state fee. And even though I’ve been in business for years and have had multiple business licenses each kitchen I use is considered a brand new operation. They even told me I would have to have a separate license from my food truck to be able to have a booth at the Farmers Market… that too is considered a brand new operation. So now I have a license for my kitchen, a separate one for my food truck and I’ll have to have one for a booth too? That doesn’t even make sense. I’m a caterer and I jump kitchen to kitchen and that becomes very costly here in Kansas. Already this year I’ve paid $1,100 in business licensing fees. That may not seem like a lot of money to most businesses, but for a small business like myself, a single mother, with only one other employee helping this is a lot. And let’s not forget about insurance, food cost, payroll, taxes, rent and all the extra spending cash you need for the little things that pop up. The struggle is real. At this time I’ve literally drained all of my bank accounts, have unpaid bills, spent my last dime, and put forth all of my energy and time to make this happen. I cannot let this dream fail do to financials. I started this blog backup, so I could document my experience with being a small business owner, a female business owner, an entrepreneur and a single mother. I feel like people need to know the struggle that some of us go through to make our dreams happen. And in all honesty you guys will only know about a quarter of what we’ve gone through to make it happen. At this time I’m considering crowdfunding to make sure that we can continue on with the Smokin Shack in a public kitchen. And in all honesty it’s kind of embarrassing for me to write this. A lot of people think I have it all together, but I don’t. So with that being said I’m reaching out to everyone who is following me to ask for any sort of help. Whether it be guidance, words of wisdom, Financial backing, support… I’m not sure. But at this time I honestly think the Smokin Shack needs help. I want to thank everyone who continues to support my dream. Y’all are why I continue to do this.

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