Our Soft Opening

Our soft opening was July 23rd, just a few days ago. I didn’t advertise it a whole lot, hence it being a soft opening and due to the fact that it was just two of us doing this. In all honesty I never imagined it would go so well. At one point I sent Kim off on a delivery, a small crowd in the lobby, and a few orders cooking, thinking I could manage it. As soon as her car drove out of the driveway the people started flooding in. We literally had a line out the door, I was 20 orders deep, on the phone with a customer, packaging up food and seriously debating my life decisions. Haha. Probably one of the hardest moments in my working career. However I multitask very well, and delegated everything properly. No one was disappointed, the food was great, hot, and on time. So all in all a huge win. We ended up making triple in the amount of sales that I had forecasted. Truly crazy. Not to mention we sold out at 7:30 p.m. Kim did such an amazing job. And I truly owe the success of that day as well as getting this entire dream off the ground, back on track, and positively progressing to her. If it wasn’t for her this would not be happening. So if you ever see her around, make sure to give her a pat on the back and let her know how well she’s doing. Today will be our third day in operation. I set here drinking my coffee and watching my dog sitting in the window looking at Birds. It’s calm, it’s peaceful and it’s right. I would just like to personally thank everybody who came to my opening day. My friends and my family. My brother from another mother coming in from out of town with his beautiful lady. I thank my loyal customers who stuck by my side since we started in 2011. I thank the local residents of Lawrence for supporting me all the way. I thank my colleagues and peers for stopping by with great conversation. I just really really from the bottom of my heart thank everybody for making this happen.

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