I love going back to California every month in order to progress my portfolio and stay on top of my skills. Big things are starting to happen there. My last trip back to Cali I was fortunate enough to cater my own video shoot for a product we have going out in the very near future. Winning in more ways than one. My favorite thing about going to California once a month is the delicious fresh seafood, fruits and veggies I get to experience. Living in the Midwest we don’t have fresh produce available to us all season long. I swear Tomatoes only taste good in the spring and summer here and we don’t have a daily catch of fresh seafood available to us chefs to play around with. So that’s pretty much all I eat when I’m there. Not to mention… fast food, doesn’t taste like it’s all that fast on the west coast. I’m in love with Cali food. Here’s some pictures of the trip.

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